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AJP Currency Solutions Ltd is an independent currency consultant with offices in the UK and here in Portugal.

We work with a panel of currency companies and negotiate on our client's behalf to get the best rates and where necessary help to plan and time payments.

Buying or selling a property can be a stressful time, when that happens overseas and foreign exchange is also required it makes it all the more important to plan ahead.

We work with many of the top currency companies in the UK and we can advise and help plan your payments.

For many purchases and sales overseas there can be a long time gap between agreeing on a price and finalising the sale, in this time currencies fluctuate responding to what is happening in the world, for the client there are two choices, either pray and keep fingers crossed that any fluctuation in the currency is on their side or book a forward contract where a set amount is booked in advance at a fixed rate of exchange covering a certain amount of time.

With a forward contract what you are booking is peace of mind, if at the time of a sale or purchase the client is happy with the exchange rate they then know that whenever the sale completes the cost of transferring the necessary funds to clear the sale will cost whatever was agreed on months before, there is no guarantee that the rate wouldn't have been better by just exchanging at the time of the sale but at least with planning there are no nasty shocks ahead.

For example, a client from the UK buying a property in Portugal, in June 2015 they offer 150,000 Euros on the property, this is accepted but the property has holiday makers booked until the middle of September, so a deed is set for the 15th September, at the time of the offer the buyers could get a rate of 1.41 Euros to the pound, so the property is going to cost £106,383, nothing is done and the money is sent over ready for the deed, the rate in September has dropped to 1.36 and now it is going to cost £110,295 for the same 150,000 Euros. Booking a rate at the time of agreeing a price would have saved nearly £4000 and saved worrying glances at the rate.

We can offer advice on your options and negotiate on your behalf for the best rates, we charge no fees and we are here to help.

AJP Currency Solutions