All about DSP Properties and how we work.

Welcome to DSP Properties, the company was formed late in 2012 to offer a whole new concept of service in the Real Estate market in Portugal.

In doing our research into opening a new office in what would seem the wrong time economically and entering into an already over populated market the biggest points we picked up were three fold.

For sellers, the fees were too large for the perceived amount of work carried out by Estate Agents.

Communication, or lack of it, the biggest frustration seemed to be emails going unanswered, offices being closed, phones calls not being returned.

Language barrier, although promoting themselves as English speakers a lot of Estate Agencies had very little grasp of the English or any other language other than Portuguese leading to many problems in the buying and selling process.

So how are we any different?

  1  For sellers, if you give us exclusivity on your property we will charge you just 3% (+IVA). 

 2  Communication, all emails will be answered as quickly as possible, the office has fixed opening hours and will be open during those times all of the time, phone calls will be returned as quickly as possible, for us, each and every customer or potential customer deserves our time and assistance.

 3  Language barrier, our staff all speak excellent English as well as Portuguese, Dutch and French, liaising between buyers and sellers is far smoother when our staff can communicate between the two if there are different languages involved.

Feel free to contact us for further information or if you are already in the area we would love to meet you at our office in Tornada.